Hindsight 2012

Congratulations to American Cancer Society staff member Jerry Markham for naming the Eastern Missouri Region’s colon cancer awareness campaign! His entry – Hindsight 2012 – received the most votes.

Here are some honorable mentions we didn’t think you’d want to miss:

  • Save Your Behind
  • Don’t Forget Your :
  • Bottoms Up
  • Got Scope?
  • Colonoscopies Really Are Positive
  • Get Behind this Lifesaving Campaign
  • Colon-osco-PEEK
  •  Don’t Let a Year Be Stolen: Check Your Colon
  • It’s No Big Deal Butt… You Gotta Get Checked
  • Colonoscopy… It’s Worth It In The End!
  • And my favorite tagline….. Honestly, Does This Colonoscopy Make My Butt Look Big?

Thank you for all the great entries and to everyone who voted to help name our colon cancer awareness campaign! Colon cancer screening truly saves lives. We hope you’ll schedule your test and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

Stay tuned for stories and videos you’ll want to share with your friends!

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